Some Young Punks The Squid's Fist Sangiovese Shiraz

SKU: 10240
Size/Deposit: 750 mL bottle/ Deposit .20
Country: Australia
Varietal: Red Blend

Like the giant octopus encircling the submarine on the label, once The Squid's Fist Shiraz and Sangiovese blend has you in its clutches, you will never escape. So drinkable is this red blend that you'll never want to. With cherry compote flavours and stronger scents of incense the longer it gets air, this is a great accompaniment to anything - dinner, drinks with friends, and deep sea dives. Some Young Punks, once the energetic upstarts on the McLaren Vale scene, are more than proving their winemaking cred with nearly a decade of dedication and delectable wines under their belts.