Château Patache d'Aux Medoc

SKU: 33251
Size/Deposit: 750 mL bottle/.20 Deposit
Country: France
Varietal: Red Blend

The vines at Chateau Patache d'Aux grow on fragmented clay-limestone soil, where their deep roots can feed freely on nutrients and water, even at the height of summer. The wine results from rigorous plot selection, then vinified in uncoated-concrete and stainless-steel vats (all thermo-regulated). To soften tannins and release full aromatic potential, the wine is matured for 12 months in French oak barrels. Colour is deep with purple hues. The nose reveals fruity notes along with frank, complex woodiness. The palate echoes this with supple, blended tannins offering aromatic complexity. The wine’s long, harmonious finish is most appreciable.