Black Fox x Saskatoon Co-op Collab SE Eleven Single Grain Whisky 500 mL

SKU: 771192
Size/Deposit: 500 mL bottle/.20 Deposit
Country: Canada
Style: Whisky
This unique barrel of Canadian whisky from Black Fox was chosen by our very own Saskatoon Co-op sommeliers! It is crafted with 100% triticale, and is aged to perfection in new American oak barrels. The aging process takes place under Saskatchewan’s living skies, where it rests year round, interacting with the elements of the Canadian prairies.
Sommelier tasting notes:

We love this single barrel Triticale from Black Fox!  It has a lyrical freshness balanced with richness & notes of dried apricots, mandarin peel, lemon curd, & dark chocolate with a rich undertone of caramel. 

These aromas fall into the palate, offering a round mouthfeel and a spicy warmth that extends its charming, persistent finish. Don't miss this beauty!