Cedar Ridge Quintessential Single Malt

SKU: 42153
Size/Deposit: 750 mL bottle/.20 Deposit
Country: USA
Style: Whisky

Eye: Fresh apple juice. Medium rims, thick legs bleed large drops that turn into beady ones on the sides.

Nose: Sweet, some barnyard funk that I enjoy. Caramelized edges of a blondie fresh out of the oven. Pressed and slightly fermented stone fruits, still bright. Mild peat on the back end, fruit fallen on the ground in an orchard in the fall.

Palate: Peach nectar - spicy peach, like a cocktail with some jalapeno in there. Mild peat threads the palate, coating on the middle and back half. Barley is robust here, darker than citrusy. Mouthfeel is medium-bodied, peppery on the tip of my tongue, stone fruit salad in syrup, coating across the whole tongue. Smoked peaches and plums.

Finish: Stone fruits lightly charred on the grill, the peat still mild but persistent. Remains coating from tip to throat even at 92º. Drinks and feels above proof, closer to 110º, one of the bigger differentials I can remember.

Overall: Develops quite nicely into a smoked stone fruit salad. Drinks significantly above proof. Not a barley-forward ASM despite a mid-palate burst, still unique in its profile. Makes me think of The Balvenie Week of Peat, which is probably exactly what Murphy would like.