Chateau de Montifaud Vieux Pineau des Charentes

SKU: 29929
Size/Deposit: 750 mL Bottle/.20 Deposit
Country: France

Pineau des Charentes is the result of stopping the grape juice fermentation within hours of the pressing by blending it with cognac that is at least one year old — a process that originally occurred by mistake in 1589. This leaves an unmistakable sweetness tempered by a fresh fruit character. Dominant tones range from fresh to gilded straw, then honey, with the gold becoming more intense with age. These are followed by hues of apple green, silver or gold. Pineau are limpid and of great brilliance. Aromas of white and yellow fruit, honey and acacia blossom. Ageing in wooden barrels gives notes of "rancio": ripe and dried fruit, hazelnut, grilled almond, vanilla and buttered toast.