Coors Seltzer Splash Mixer 12 Cans

SKU: 38416
Size/Deposit: 12 x 355 mL cans/1.20 Deposit
Style: Variety Pack

Introducing Coors Seltzer Splash, Crafted with only 90 calories per 355ml serving. The Coors Seltzer Splash Pack includes four new and refreshing flavours: Fruit Punch (A nostalgic blend of pineapple, cherry, and orange with a touch of sweetness reminiscent of fruit punch), Blue Raspberry (Crisp and perfectly balanced with natural raspberry flavours complemented by candy-like sweetness), Peach (Crisp and perfectly balanced, with a hint of sweetness that elevates the juicy peach notes) and Strawberry (Juicy strawberry sweetness that is delicately balanced to accentuate the bright aromas)