Cuvée du Haut-Garriga Crémant de Bordeaux Rosé Sec

SKU: 39865
Size/Deposit: 750 ml bottle/.20 Deposit
Varietal: Cabernet Franc
Country: France

Chateau Haut Garriga Crémant Rosé does not disappoint as you pour, with its bright, biscuity and complex nose and sparkling effervescence. Flavours of ripe white peaches and raspberries follow in the flavour, with a distinct impression of rosewater Turkish Delight in the flavour, in the aroma and in the soft and full mouthfeel. Excellent as a light apertif before a dinner date out.

 The Cuvée du Haut-Garriga is 100% Cabernet Franc, grown in the chalky clay soil slopes to achieve full phenolic ripeness (to increase the powerful aromas). The Chateau Haut-Garriga, located in Grézillac, in the heart of Entre-deux-Mers, is a family estate in Bordeaux that has been passed down from generation to generation since 1782. 

Serve well chilled between 6-8 ° C.