SKU: 21620
Size/Deposit: 1000 mL bottle/.40 Deposit
Country: Italy

Cynar is an Italian artichoke based bittersweet liqueur known for its versatility and distinctive flavour its taste is enriched by an infusion of 13 herbs and plants. The name of the drink derives from Cynar scolymus, the botanical name for artichoke. Created by Angelo Dalle Molle, a Venetian entrepreneur and philanthropist, Cynar was launched in Italy in 1952. Since then, the brand has grown and is now distributed internationally. Cynar is a deep ruddy brown colour with a soft medicinal and herbaceous character balanced by bittersweet chocolate and organge zest on the gently warming finish. This is an excellent digestif on ice but also can be used in many cocktails including a variation on the iconic Negroni.