Nonino Quintessentia Amaro

SKU: 22864
Size/Deposit: 700 mL bottle/.20 Deposit
Country: Italy

Headquartered in Percoto, Italy, The Nonino family of has been distilling since 1897. The project has come a long way from their humble beginning operating a mobile still on wheels. The Nonino family has embraced technology and innovation to create an exciting portfolio of spirits and was the first to produce a single grape varietal grappa in the 1970s. Though their facilities have grown and their methods have changed, the distillery remains very much a family affair to this day. Amaro Nonino is a bittersweet marriage of baked marmalade, liquorice pipe, minty herbs, and soft warming spices on the long mellow finish. Amaro Nonino is delightfully sippable on its own and is an ideal gateway to the world of amaro though it’s also extremely versatile in cocktails and spritz drinks.